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High Quality Bags for the safety & protection of your Air Charging Cylinder

Airgun Tank Bags Cylinders

Designed by an Airgun enthusiast

The Airgun Tank Bags are Designed by James Roberts, I have been shooting PCP Airguns for over 30 years and understand the problems of air charging cylinders  rolling around in the back of the car and the need to protect the valves and adaptors from dust and damage whilst in the woods or on the range. These dive tank bags have been manufactured to the highest standard and tested to prove a massive increase in safety.

Made for Airgunners & Paintball Shooters

All our bags are individually made to the highest quality with strong shower proof material.   The bags come with two inserts that slide in either side of the air charging cylinder to provide a snug and secure fit  to prevent rolling, which also allows for various bottle diameters to be secured. The perfect accessory for the PCP airgun owner.

Room for accessories and pellet tins

As well as carrying your air charging cylinder, the Airgun Tank Bags also have two large side pockets offering enough room to carry several tins of pellets, whips, valves and even a sandwich.

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