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Hydrotech 7Ltr Cylinder


Hydrotech 7-Litre 300Bar Airgun Charging Cylinder

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Please note, Cylinders can only be shipped to UK addresses and will be sent empty due to postal restrictions

Hydrotech Airgun Cylinders are designed to bring the maximum to your airgun experience.
All Hydrotech Airgun Cylinders and valves are rated to 300Bar to give you the most from each fill.

The Cylinders come complete with fitted rubber boots to give a good base and protect the paint, giving the cylinder longer life. Constructed from lightweight steel with a chrome plated brass valve, these airgun cylinders only need to be tested every 5 years.

The 7 Litre cylinder airgun charging cylinder is perfect for those situations where portability & capacity need to be maximised.
Filling to 300 Bar, complete with a boot, valve, pressure gauge, with removable air-flow restrictor and full hose assembly with 500mm HP Anti-Buckle Hose, this cylinder is a great deal for people who need some extra fills than that of the smaller cylinders.

When the Hydrotech Airgun Cylinders are used in Camplex Bags, they will lay flat as well as stand vertical whilst in the bag.  Charging you Airgun is a matter of simply unzipping the lid section of the bag without having to remove the cylinder. Transporting the cylinders in the back of the car is now stress free due to the anti rolling characteristics of the bags.

The 7 Litre Cylinder perfectly fits in our Medium Bags currently available in Camo

Add the Quick Release Kit to your Cylinder and charging hose to enable quick release and attachment.  We recommend that the charging hose is kept in one of the bag side pockets, however they can be wrapped around the valve before zipping the lid up

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