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Medium Camo Air Tank Bag


Medium Camo Air Tank Bag 7Ltr Steel / 6.8Ltr Carbon Fiber / 3Ltr Long steel

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Medium Camo Tank Bag for long 3Ltr and 7Ltr Steel Cylinders and 6.8Ltr Carbon Fibre 

These strong well designed bags will prevent your charging cylinder from rolling around in your vehicle. They help to keep the valve head clean and dust free.  PCP Airgun charging tanks are filled to 300 Bar of pressure and have to be tested every 5 years for damage that may cause them to rupture or leak. 
Keeping your tank in a Camplex Bag you will not only make you feel more confident when transporting them around but will also prolong their life.  The bags are made from a waterproof material making them rain proof.  Transporting your charging cylinder in the back of the car can be worrying, they are heavy and difficult to fix in position, Camplex Bags are Anti Rolling and will also prevent sliding.
Please note, although the material is rain proof, the bags should not be left in the rain for long periods as water can still penetrate the zips.
The Medium Camo Tank Bag will perfectly accommodate the 7Ltr Hydrotech Airgun Charging Cylinder
Tank dimensions
7Ltr Steel 130 – 140mm diameter (use included pads)
6.8Ltr Carbon Fiber 155mm diameter
3Ltr Steel long tank 95mm diameter (use included pads plus additional pad set)
Maximum tank height including valve 750mm
Medium Bags also available in Black
Weight 1400 g
Dimensions 75 × 27 × 21 cm